The Biggest Little Scam in America

About Locksmith Fraud

  • Originated in the early 1990’s in Arizona and So. California
  • Has since spread to every major Metropolitan area in the US and many suburbs as well
  • Dominates the online space, phonebooks, 411 and even places stickers on doors to businesses (without permission)

How to spot Locksmith Fraud

  • Anything that says $15/$19/$25/$35 is likely fraud
  • A majority of 800 or toll-free numbers are likely fraud
  • “Starting Prices” are synonymous with fraud
  • A 15 minute response time guaranteed upfront is likely fraud

How does Locksmith Fraud work?

  • Receptionist baits customers with 15 minute response time / pricing scheme
  • “Locksmith” takes longer than expected, putting customer in pressure situation
  • “Locksmith,” upon arrival, quotes prices much higher than those stated over the phone
  • “Locksmith” breaks / drills customer’s lock equipment, sells new (cheap) equipment at astronomically high prices

Are you a victim of Locksmith Fraud?

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