Your Safety is Key

America’s Best Locksmiths

  • Fair Pricing, Clear Communication, and Quality Service is what you can expect when you call LockAware. We guarantee it.
  • Each LockAware Locksmith has passed our stringent onboarding process. When you call LockAware, you’ll get a Locksmith you know you can trust.

A Secure Platform

  • We oversee payments so you know you’re secure.
  • We track the status of your job, and follow up with you afterward to confirm your satisfaction with the service you received and the money you saved (by avoiding Locksmith Fraud).
  • If you have any issues within two days of your LockAware Service, your original LockAware Locksmith will return to take a look.

Spreading Awareness

  • For the past twenty years, consumers have been caught unaware by Locksmith Fraud. We’re here to change that.
  • Half of our purpose is to inform you, the public, about Locksmith Fraud. By spreading awareness and good vibes to you, we hope you’ll spread the LockAwareness to your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Tell your friends and loved ones about Locksmith Fraud, don’t be surprised to learn they’ve fallen victim before!